About Anger

For years I didn’t really feel anything.
I thought I was accepting of my lot in life. But, I hadn’t actually let any feelings in.

But now….   Well at the moment anger is burning me up.

I know the following….
– that accepting / embracing a feeling can help it to move
– that any feeling can be welcomed as a gift of life

But it is just so hard, embracing anger feels so counter intuitive.

A dish straight out of the oven burns my bare hands, holding anger is like keeping that dish in my hands.
It hurts I want to drop it.


15 thoughts on “About Anger

  1. It’s very hard, and it takes a looong time, but it really works, I promise! When you get too scared, don’t be afraid to ask for help around you. I’ll be there too, I check Twitter, Instagram and WordPress all day long! 🙂


  2. In the moment of intense anger, try to do the most difficult but freeing move, and step out of your feeling. As long as you are identifying yourself with it, you shouldn’t try to fight with it either. But once you step out and just watch it (anger) happening, you create space between you and the feeling. They are separate.

    Behind every negative feeling is fear. Perhaps this can help and inspire to change thoughts as well.

    Wish you strength.


  3. I know that feeling all to well. If I may use your above example of a hot pan from the oven, a thing that has helped me is using logic as a sort of potholder. I can still feel the warmth of it through the potholder, I still feel the anger, but I let myself kind of logic through it, break it down, see why it has made me mad, and decide what I can do about it. Emotions arent just something we hold, they can be tools, how you use them matters. A hot pan is useless if you arent making anything. (hoping this makes sense)


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