Hearing voices

I don’t hear voices or hallucinate but am inspired by people who do.
I have had friends that hear the most horrible commentaries while they live their lives. I never fail to be inspired by their courage.

I do have negative thoughts about myself and believe them. They are not voices, just thoughts.
I often assume that my thoughts define me as whatever their quality is..
clever / selfish / angry / stupid / shameful …. whatever.
Images come to mind and I feel I need to recreate the scene, the more destructive, the greater the urge to have the ‘gratification’ of making it real.
The strongest urges do have a quality of their own the notion of a smell or a hint of a half remembered familiar place. And always urgency.

When I’m very dark these thoughts seem loud and close. Anyone in the ‘real’ world seems distant and their opinions unbelievable (if they differ from my thoughts).

I was inspired to write after reading this post from Fractured. I don’t have your experiences but feel for you and wish you all the best.



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