I can almost feel new neural pathways building themselves

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.” To finish a post with the words “and all was right with the world”

Not my usual flavour of mood.
But sometimes I lift out of the darkness and have the weirdest sensation – almost physical – in my head like my neurones are connecting with brand new pathways – I can almost feel new neural pathways building themselves.

The feeling of opening and not closing – note I didn’t say ‘open’ or ‘closed’. The strongest sensation is of being in the process, not having arrived at a state.

I have a dalliance with buddhism. From afar – I don’t know that I can participate in organised spiritual activity. But I have read and read
Writers that have moved me the most:-

– Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel – The Power of an Open Question
– Pema Chodron – any of her books – Articles here
– Paramanananda – Change Your Mind

One phrase has stayed with me from Change Your Mind

‘to radiate love instead of craving it’

Just sometimes I have that sensation – I have no idea if anyone else feels the love I radiate, but (selfishly) that isn’t the point. The point being that my experience is that the world is a place into which I radiate love.

It isn’t often.
It is today…………………… and all was right with the world.


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