When I’m depressed I can’t imagine the good times

Try and remember the good times

How many professionals have said something like that to me ?

The thing is – the very nature of the bad times is that the good times are a fading photo of past times inaccessible. When I’m feeling very low it is because the notion of a good time seems laughable.

A definition of a bad time – when I can’t imagine being good again.

If I could then the dark mood would not be so dark, if I still had one foot in the world of happiness then that would be enough to keep me sane. But when both feet (to stretch the metaphor) are well and truly in the world of hopelessness then don’t ask me to imagine myself into another dimension.

So when someone asks me to remember the good times – I think they’ve never really experienced the darkness.


4 thoughts on “When I’m depressed I can’t imagine the good times

  1. I completely agree. Right now I am too in a dark place, and regardless if something good happens while I am in it I am just going to think oh yes that happened but remember this bad thing and that bad thing that happened to you before or is still happening. You are just centred towards bad things and that is what makes the dark place a very tricky place to escape.

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