Cutting curing coping covering
Slitting sliding stinging stitching
Bleeding branding burning burgeoning

Here I am not condoning self harm, but I trying to explain the process.


3 thoughts on “ON SELF HARM – and – ALLITERATION

  1. Reblogged this on Fractured: and commented:
    This really does explain what self-harm is like. I’ve only experienced the 2 of the lines, but still…

    This is a person’s reality similar to mine, and it’s organized in such a talented way. Excellent Job!

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    • I’m glad to fine someone that sees similarities in their reality to mine. An online kindred spirit. Sorry that you’ve experienced this though.
      Also I don’t think you have to have experienced every detail to relate. Some forms of self harm are not physical. Calling myself names…. for one is still me hurting me.


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