In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”
My ideal Saturday morning.

Things I cannot control
Saturday comes after a Mon-Fri week.
Stuff happens.

Things I can control
Remember I am not my thoughts (well I try).

When I remember this things go well. I usually don’t.

I make most of my decisions during the day based on the belief that I am my thoughts.
I experience irritation and have the thought,
She’s irritating
She annoyed me

Other possibilities are
I’m experiencing irritation – interesting
I see the effect she is having on me – I’m physically tense, I’m having angry feelings.

If only I could see people acting out their own stuff just let them do their thing, wait for it to pass, noting what set them off.

That would happen on my ideal Saturday morning, I’d feel the week’s provocations as people had come into contact with me, and see my reactions – watch myself do my thing noting what sets me off.

Maybe next Saturday.


3 thoughts on “I AM NOT MY THOUGHTS

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