My place

Daily post writing 101 day 2

I see myself sitting on a window seat.

The room is quite small. A log burning stove is quietly giving the room a generous warmth. The window on the stove is stained brown like an old ancient medicine bottle and through it the flames look very orange.

I take comfort knowing the stove is there but am totally engrossed in my book. Outside the window it is sunny but freezing and there is snow.

I am still, with no desire to go outside in the sunshine. It is warming me here through the glass adding to the stove, a faint tang of the citrus from oiling the small oak coffee table penetrates the background burning wood smell from the stove. A large coffee from freshly ground beans sits half drunk, my non reading part of mind is about to urge me to take a sip.

The room is my haven. A place of warmth and safety somewhere that I can finally take my eyes away from looking out for danger, stop running and indulge in the entertainment of a book. The snow is the outside, cold. The fire is love, energy, safety. This is my place.